Student Information

Maintaining a database of potential students has grown easier because of the digitization of work, which has reduced the need for paper.

Student Information

How to Online Admission?

To student online admission, go to Student Information > Online Admission. To use online admission first it should be enabled from System Setting > General Setting.

Fill all entries here select the Class, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Email, Parent Guardian Detail, Upload Document, and then click on the Save button.

You can view this added record, Student Information > Online admission.

To admit/enroll a student click on the Edit icon present at the Action column in the student list page, at the click of this icon Edit Student page will be open. Here enter the required details of a student then click on the Save button and if you just want to save the student submitted record but to admit/enroll a student you must click on Save And Enroll button. To delete admit student click on the Delete icon present on the student list page.