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The platform that enables you to effectively enrich the world. Use Edumium for education's live video conferencing to run classes from anywhere in the world!!!
Online Classes Through Web And Mobile App

Edumium!! Live Online Classes

Your classroom can participate in HD video conferencing. Start a meeting from the teacher app, and all students will join the virtual classroom from their apps.
Best Virtual Classroom Software

Expand your classroom beyond its physical boundaries by providing a seamless learning experience to your students all around the world.

Solution for Online Exams

Conduct assessments for your students while on the go, and easily assess and publish findings on the dashboard, saving you time.

Conduct Video Meetings

By using video and audio conferencing, you can better communicate your ideas and develop trust. Use our trusted Edumium web meeting software to collaborate and meet online.

Edumium Live Video-Conferencing Software

In Zambia, video conferencing and education go hand in hand with the Edumium educational software. In fact, with our technology, video conferencing education is now easier than before. With connecting meeting links, you can teach live or record lessons. Students can be polled, have their attendance tracked, and have chat messages sent to them.

Best Virtual Classroom Software

Learning Face-to-Face

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Best Virtual Classroom Software

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You may hold high-definition classes using the Edumium classrooms software. Your virtual classes will feel real as if teachers and students were sitting face-to-face with the help of clear audio and high-definition video. The virtual class software contains all of the learning tools. Security is guaranteed and encryption of data. On Android and iOS, there are separate apps for teachers and students. The most effective method of internet instruction.

What is Online Classroom Software, and how does it work?

You can conduct online classes using an Edumium online classroom software application. A webcam, cell phone camera, and voice interface allow students and teachers to connect. During the time of the online (virtual) classes, you can share worksheets, documents, videos, and photographs. Teachers can provide live assignments and get rapid feedback. Teachers can use the built-in modules to assign grades and marks to students in the virtual classroom. Not only for studies, but also used to fitness classes, corporate training, and a variety of other activities, done with online classroom software.

Best Virtual Classroom Software

Enhance your online classes with Edumium Video Conferencing feature

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