About Us

We make success stories for ourselves with our clients, and we do everything we can to fulfill our responsibilities. We are excitedly waiting to be a part of yours.
Edumium Educational Software in Zambia

Who We Are?

Voxforem is a reputed top software company in India, Zambia, and the USA. Our services take Web design, SEO & Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, and we are the best Software development company in India, Zambia, and the USA. We offer corporate IT services and solutions. Our main aim is to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction by showing innovative and dependable solutions that satisfy our client's needs.

"Our main aim is to make educational dreams possible through service and technology". Edumium educational software makes the lives of administrators and educators easier, so they can focus on student education. By providing Edumium products and services at a low cost, we are bridging the digital divide in education.

Why Voxforem?

Our clients work with us because we can move rapidly, develop cutting-edge technology, and create solutions that users enjoy. We have worked with schools/institutes across Zambia to provide high-quality service, commitment, and support.
Edumium Educational Software in Zambia

Innovative management and innovative ideas which can be helpful to our clients to improve and manage their business more effectively.

Edumium Educational Software in Zambia

Through our passion and commitment to our clients, we strive to provide world-class products and services.

Edumium Educational Software in Zambia
Core Values

Create value for money to make a difference in the digital world with our team of individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents.

Edumium Educational Software in Zambia
Focus on Business Needs

Only business-relevant IT solutions, development methodologies, and technologies are used by Voxforem.

Edumium Educational Software in Zambia
Active Client Involvement

Clients are involved throughout the project development cycle, have control over the progress, and can make changes at any time.


It's our privilege to welcome you to Voxforem trading Company Ltd. We pride ourselves on establishing a hub for innumerable ideas that would raise your business to the next level. Keeping in mind years of service and trust among clients of today and those for the future, we develop creative and innovative products and services that provide total communication and information solution, Inturn becoming world-class solution providers for software and so on. We Voxforem strive to be a world leader in innovation and excellence. So let us be your trusted partner because your success is our success.

Edumium Educational Software in Zambia

About Edumium Educational Software

Edumium is a flagship of Voxforem. Designed to make the school administration's routine responsibilities easier to manage. We committed ourselves to tackle every challenge a school institution confronts in their day-to-day operations by bridging their digital divides with Edumium. Voxforem created Edumium for your school to help you improve your performance so you can spend even more time doing what you do best.

It doesn't stop there; Edumium is constantly improving its features. As soon as a new feature is added to our school ERP software, you will be promptly updated.