Online Course

The student can purchase courses in this module, and the administrator can view payment reports as well as student course performance.

Online Course

How to collect offline payment for paid online course?

To collect an offline payment, log in from the super admin/admin panel then go to Online Course > Offline Payment here select Class, Section, and Student, and click on the Search button, after searching the record all the courses will be listed below of the page. Now click on the Pay button of the course for which you want to collect a payment, at the click of this button Online Course Fee modal will open, here enter select Date, Payment mode and click on the Pay button.

Once payment is collected you will see the Revert button instead of the Pay button, by clicking this Revert button you can revert the fee amount.

To print the pay slip click on the Print button present in the Action column.

Note– If you revert the course then student progress will be 0.