Online Examinations

It is a useful application that aids teachers in exam planning, preparing exam papers, question banks with solutions, exam timetables, exam results, and assigning exam supervisors and teachers to evaluate students' papers.

Online Examinations

How to add Question Bank?

To add question bank, go to Online Examinations > Question Bank then click on Add Question button present at the top right corner of the question bank page, at the click of this button Question modal will be open.

Here select the Subject, Question Type, Question Level, Class, Section, and Question then click on the Save button. You can view this added record on the Question Bank page.

Here you can search any record by entering Subject and Question. The list of searched records will be shown below on the page.

To View the question in detail you can click on the View icon and to edit the question click on the Edit icon to delete the question click on the Delete icon present in the question bank page.

You can also delete more than one record at a time by using the bulk delete feature. To delete bulk records click on the Bulk Delete button present at the top right corner of the page.