Edumium is one of the most effective school management software, to effectively manage the entire class timetable and teacher timetable.


How to Promote Student?

To promote students, go to Academics > Promote Student then select Class and Section, and then click on the Search button. The list of promoting students in the next session will be shown below on the page.

Here you can see the Current Results (pass/fail) and Next Session Status (Continue/Leave) of all the students and then select Promote In Session, Class and Section and click on to Promote button.

Note: Promote the student to the next semester and the class section, it is seen here that the students have passed/failed in the main examination and the students will be continued in school or not. If the student is pass and will continue to school, only then the student will be promoted to the next session and class section. If the student is failing and continue to school then students will be promoted to the next session but class-section will remain as it is. If a student is passed but left to a student then the student will not be promoted to the next session not promoted to the next class section. This is the whole mechanism of Promote Student. Edumium automatically manages the promotion of sessions and class-section. To promote students first select Promote In Session, Class, Section and for every student select Current Result pass or fail and Next Session Status continue or leave and click on Promote button.