Best School Management Software

Manages All Activities Of Your School/Colleges With The Most Advanced School Management Software.


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Best School Management Software

Smart, Simple, Effective, Dominant & Affordable School Management System For Educators.


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Best School Management Software
Not Able To Manage?

The Old-Fashioned Way

Are you having frustrated keeping track of your student's information? In this technological era, why are you still following the old-school-fashioned way?

Effortless and Easy to Use

With Edumium Educational Software

Edumium!!! We build software for educational organizations in Zambia to manage their entire learner journey from admissions to alumni and beyond. Edumium is an excellent way to systematically operate the school. Automate everything, generate insightful reports, make better & faster decisions.

Best School Management Software

Why Edumium School Management Software?

Some of the key benefits of the school management system are as follows -.

Best School Management Software

Secure And Risk-free

Everyone is concerned about security, and we make it a top priority to address it. We provide secure and risk-free educational software and ensure complete data security.

Best School Management Software

Affordable Pricing

Edumium offers a variety of attractive School ERP Software bundles at reasonable costs. A user can also choose from a variety of modules to create a custom package that meets their needs.

Best School Management Software

Anytime, Anywhere Available

Edumium School Management Software is cloud-based educational application software in Zambia, so you may access it from anywhere at any time.

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Best School Management Software

Android App

High-performance, effective, and highly reliable student management software is now available on Android mobiles.

Best School Management Software


Manage your learning and academic information on any phone or tablet powered by iOS.

Best School Management Software
Simple and Easy to Use
Designed to engage every student and teacher at the school. To do a task, no expertise is necessary. It's a simple, low-cost, quick, and trouble-free education management software.
Revenue and Expenses
Insightful data of your school's activities and comprehensive accounting system automatically generates a visible interpretation of your School's Revenues and Expenses.
Powerful Elite Modules
Edumium delivers the modules that schools, universities, and institutions will require to run successfully. Educational Management System with elite features that save time and manual work
School Activities Data and Visualization
A well-designed analytics dashboard can help you grasp your institution's/school's complicated data simply.
Quick School ERP
Edumium offers self-contained automated modules in school management software. In every perspective, all modules are meant to work quickly.

Video Conferencing for Education

Live Online Class Software

Stop conducting online classes with third-party applications like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Team. Conduct your live online classes using our most powerful and user-friendly platform.

Modern Learning Solutions

Students can digitally attend lectures and classes using their web browser on their mobile device or computer with the Edumium live video-conferencing application.

Create and Schedule Classes

Scheduling just got easier! create and share classes with a click, or share your calendar with students and let them book time with you.


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